Academy Games - Saturday - Updated

Name Description
Math Math game
Language Language game
Science Science game
Music Music game
History History game

Weekly Games - Saturday - Updated

Name Description
Puzzle A simple javascript puzzle
Memory Match the images
Match Up Do you have the same cards as Mori?
Fountain Chaos Which card is it?

Biweekly Games - Saturday - Updated

Name Description
I Request... Which host do you want?
Trade Pot Swap some cards
Commoner's Lotto A fun little lottery game with Tamaki and Haruhi
Hangman Find out the secret word
Jigsaw Put together the jigsaw
War Get the higher card

Monthly Games - Updated July

Name Description
Mini Mastery Collect a mix-and-match deck
Voice Clip Who is this?
Puzzle Challenge Complete several puzzles in a row
Wishing Well Make a wish!

Contests - Updated July

Name Description
Icon Contest Create a beautiful icon
Dress Up Dress up Ouran characters for different occasions
Random Contest Like it says - a random contest each month!


Name Description
Fangirl Freakout Give those rabid fangirls some cards!
Member Cards Get a pretty member card~
Log Books Keep track of your trades!
Doubles Exchange Get rid of double cards!