Log Books

Log Books are fun ways to keep track of your trades! All you do is fill out the log book page with a stamp each time you trade a card with another member.

  • Stamps go by card worth! If you trade away one card worth one, you earned yourself one stamp. If you trade away a special worth two, you earned two stamps.
  • Extra trades roll over onto your next card (if you have a total of 29 card worth, your next log book starts with 4 stamps)
  • When turnin in your log book, you must also include a log of your trades
  • Log books consist of 25 boxes. You may choose not to keep your trades marked in your logbook, but keep in mind you cannot claim rewards until you have traded 25 card worth
  • Member cards do count towards your log book

    The reward for turning in a log book is one random card, one choice card. You can claim your rewards at the forum

    Current Log Books