Voice Clip

As we all know, Renge loves to play video games. She also loves anime. As she was otaku-ing it up, something struck her as odd. It seemed that one of her favorite characters's voice was veeeery similar to one of her friends at the Host Club! Upon closer listen (and making each Host say the same line), Renge decided that they MUST be moonlighting as a seiyuu!

Listen to the voice clip below. It will be one or two lines spoken by a mystery character, who's voice actor (or actress) also voices someone in the Host Club! Your job is to identify who they play in the Host club. Since this game is quite difficult, on the 15th of each month, a clue will be posted about what character is speaking in the clip (the mystery character, not the Host). Rewards will be a little less than those without the hint.

For now, all voices will belong to either Renge or the seven hosts.