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Anime Character Decks - Worth One

Name Description Card Count
Bombshell Eclair Tonnerre 20
Calculating Ootori Kyouya 20
Cheerful Haninozuka "Honey" Mitsukuni 20
Debt Fujioka Haruhi 20
Jealous Hitachiin Hikaru 20
King Suou Tamaki 20
Manager Hoshakuji Renge 20
Selfless Hitachiin Kaoru 20
Stoic Morinozuka "Mori" Takashi 20

Manga Character Decks - Worth One

Name Description Card Count
Commoner Fujioka Haruhi 20

Puzzle Decks - Worth One

Name Description Card Count
Animals The Host Club dressed up in animal suits 20
Cowboys and Indians Wild Wild West Host Club 20
Fireworks Aren't fireworks pretty? 20
Host Club We are the Ouran Host Club! 20
OST1 Cover of the first anime soundtrack 20
Poolside The Host Club chills by the pool 20
Snow Scene The Host Club dressed in black 20
Wonderlanders We are all mad here 20
Yukata Enjoying a summer breeze 20
Young Love Tamaki and Haruhi as children 20

Opening/Ending Decks - Worth One

Name Description Card Count
Sakura Kiss Opening sequence: Sakura Kiss 20
Shissou Ending sequence: Shissou 20

Scene Decks - Worth One

Episode Name Description Card Count
01 Revelation Haruhi's true gender is revealed! 20
04 Obsessive Renge seems to really like her game 20
04 Enter Renge The BL crazy manager's debut 20
08 Nothing to Gain Kyouya raeps takes advantage of Haruhi 20
08 Thunder Tamaki comforts Haruhi during the storm 20
09 Nice Catch Haruhi is caught by a mysterious woman 20
11 Reverse Harem Kirimi stumbles upon the Host Club 20
12 I Hate You! Honey is not happy with Mori 20
17 In Our Interests Kyouya and Haruhi have a talk over burgers 20
19 Little Wing Haruhi "sings" 20

Chapter Decks - Worth One

Chapter Name Description Card Count

Relationship Decks - Worth One

Name Description Card Count

Special Decks - Worth Two

Name Description Card Count
Kuma-chan Tamaki's stuffed bear 10
Layout One Mata Ashita!'s first layout 10
Lion Images of game-only character Jean Pierre Leo 10
Nekozawa Color manga images of Umehito and Kirimi 10
Novel Images from the novel 10
Novel2 More images from the novel 10
Prejoin Celebrating Mata Ashita!'s prejoin phase 10
Seiyuu The cast of Ouran 10
Usa-chan Honey's beloved stuffed rabbit 10